All photos are clients/property of Nancy Barnett

All photos are clients/property of Nancy Barnett

Advanced Techniques and Specializations:

Permanent Eyeliner :   Eyeliner can be dramatic or a simple lash enhancement in the lash line and is almost pain free!  

We will customize it the way you prefer!


 Eyebrow feathering,  Hair Stokes or powder fill - realistic look !  Your brows will appear as soft and pretty hairs rather than a stenciled or out dated look.  


Creating full lip color is one of Nancy's favorites!   Lips can have amazing color across the entire lip as though you are wearing lipstick or gloss if a more natural look is wanted.  Topical cremes are very safe and effective to maintain comfort during the entire procedure.  Nancy  has been state licensed for 11 years as well as an active Dental Hygienist  .

​Beauty Marks and Areola Tattoing 

All photos are clients/property of Nancy Barnett

​Before eyeliner

​​Right after all procedures

​Brows needed shape and color 

Now she has what she needs 24/7 1 No worries!

After-    Permanent eyeliner that doesn't wash or wear off!


Proudly serving the Clinton, Ms and Meridian, Ms   Area with professional micro-implantation services.

​Several weeks later!  Happy client modeling all healed procedures with no added makeup to procedure areas.

Before permanent makeup

Before-Client wanted dramatic eyeliner

Right after procedure- Notice very little swelling or down time!

Permanent Makeup by Nancy Bridges Barnett, R.D.H.

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